AdSense Revenue Drop

AdSense Revenue Drop – June 2019

Recently, many AdSense user’s are confused with their AdSense Revenue Drop. Some of them have half of the revenue, then previously had. Or less. And all has been suddenly. They also receive emails for many errors or news. That kind of shock.

Why There AdSense Revenue Drop:

Recently, Google AdSense changes many features. Some have been upgraded, some have been removed totally. And few will be changing soon. And those changes are causing the issue for the AdSense revenue drop. In the Google AdSense blog they already listed some changes here: Recent updates to ad units.


What’s Changing:

Ad Sizes: Responsive Ads now default ads. Fixed size ads can be used as customization feature.

Ad Types: Text-only and display-only ad units are closed now. Both as mixed will be served and renamed it to “Display ads”.

Text Ad Styles: Ad styles for Text & display ads now off and only available for In-Feed and In-Article ads.

Simplifying “If No Ads Available”: This option has been closed. If there no ads, it will collapse or show black ads from now.

Custom Channel: Custom channel also has been modified and now it will be used for reporting only.


There many more changes has been done and some more coming. So to stop AdSense Revenue Drop and to increase earnings, it’s important that you upgrade your Ads code and settings again quickly and Do AdSense Optimization.