Ads Limited – Fixing AdSense Ad Problems

AdSense Ads Limited: Fixing Google Ad Problem

It’s entirely possible, that for a new publication, in particular, Google will consider your site as among the Ads Limited for its AdSense program. And if Google AdSense ads are your only source of income, that can be a tough nut to swallow.

Google places an Ads Limited status on your website if your Website is being evaluated, or if there can be invalid website traffic concerns such as somebody using web bots to drive traffic.

In either case, either of these limited status qualifiers can not only be frustrating, but Google does not give you a clear idea of how to fix it. All you really know is there is a problem with Google AdSense, and it’s affecting your website revenue.


Why You Need An AdSense Expert

Frankly, when Google informs you that ads from them will be severely limited, it’s a bit like getting stuck in quicksand. The more you attempt to rectify the problem, the more stuck you actually are and continue to be.

Some Google ad problems work themselves out in due course of time, but do you really have the time to experiment while Google is limiting your potential ad revenue?

We’re guessing your answer is no, and quickly find out you really need a Google AdSense expert.


What Prime Marketing Exposition Will Do For You?

First, we will search throughout your website and identify every potential violation of Google’s ad service that they may be concerned about, including those that are not really violations but Google terms them “iffy.”

Secondly, we will optimize your website to make sure your Google Ads always have a high but valid click-through rate. After all, it’s the click-through rate that is most important.

Third, after we get through analyzing your website, you are able to reduce or eliminate almost all invalid clicks to your site. Never again get a Google notification that they have invalid traffic concerns.

Fourth, with our help, your website will become more user-friendly. Web surfers pretty much expect to see Google ads on practically every website they surf too. And they don’t mind in general. But if they believe your sole purpose is to sell them something, they will quickly move on to another website.

We are full-service experts in all things related to Google ads or AdSense. We can fix problems quickly so that your website maximizes Google ad revenue.

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