Google AdSense Earning

What Is AdSense Invalid Click Activity?

Many websites online use AdSense to earn some more revenue from their website. How AdSense works is simple – when a person views the advertisement or clicks on the advertisement, a small fee is given to the website. One thing every AdSense user should know about is AdSense Invalid Click.


AdSense Invalid Click is simply when a user of your website accidentally clicks on an AdSense ad, or when there are fraudulent clicks on the advertisement. An example of this would be if a website owner uses a bot to click on an AdSense advertisement. Google can easily spot invalid clicks using their algorithms. The other type of invalid click is when a user of your website accidentally clicks on an ad, or if they click on an ad that they think is not an ad, is also considered an invalid click. There are ways to protect your website against this, such is clearly having an advertisement policy listed on your website, and not trying to game the Google AdSense system by creating false clicks.


Many websites try to earn extra revenue in any way they can. AdSense is a great way to add some much-needed cash from your website. Make sure that you know the difference between valid clicks on your AdSense and invalid clicks on your AdSense. Also, don’t try to game the system. Google can easily tell what real traffic to your website is and fake traffic is trying to earn money.


Simple Tips and Tricks to Attract Valid AdSense Clicks

Here are some simple and easy yet effective tips you can use to enhance your Google AdSense optimization strategy which will attract more organic clicks.

Promote your own content – Creating engaging content is one thing but promoting your own content is taking it one step further. There are many ways to promote your website and your content without violating the official AdSense policies. Be active on social media forums, contact bloggers and join popular listings.

Don’t Over Filter Ads – Google allows publishers to filter the ads by categories and URLSs. This is a useful feature for avoiding any conflicts between publishers and advertisers. Google allows 200 different websites to be filtered but it is better to keep the list as minimum as possible. As the more websites you filter out, the more ads you are foregoing, hence, losing the potential earnings.

Regular Check-ups – Even if you have a successfully running AdSense optimization, it is advised to regularly audit your ads. Digital trends are constantly changing so to stay ahead of your competitors you should keep updating and changing your AdSense optimization strategies. Keep up with the Google AdSense updates and make the most of the new features to ultimately increase your AdSense income.



Adopt the tactics mentioned above and improve your Google AdSense Optimization. This will allow you to gain more valid clicks and save you from attracting invalid traffic!