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We offer free consultation about AdSense. That helps to learn where to start and planning.


We are helping out clients since 2009. Till now we have worked with more then 700 clients and optimized more then 1200 website.

Google AdSense Optimization

If your website or blog is not maximizing its full financial potential especially from the Google AdSense program then it is highly under-utilized. Prime Marketing Exposition exists to offer optimization and monetization services through Google AdSense program for content, game, mobile and video in order to boost passive income for our client.

Google AdSense Ads Limited

Google places an Ads Limited status on your website if your Website is being evaluated, or if there can be invalid website traffic concerns such as somebody using web bots to drive traffic.
In either case, either of these limited status qualifiers can not only be frustrating, but Google does not give you a clear idea of how to fix it. All you really know is there is a problem with traffic, and it's affecting your website revenue.

Website Development

You just have to agree that a website as a tool for your brand is a fundamental component for a successful online marketing campaign. Today, a business without a solidly crafted web pages will have high proneness to be tagged as a scam. Customers want to have quick and easy access to your business idea and ideals at their fingertips and in their convenience.

Google Ads

If you are not making gains with your business yet, we can confirm to you that you are possibly going about your online marketing campaign or promotion in a wrong manner; and if your complain is about the exorbitant budget it will cost you to promote your brand to your audience, then you are probably not informed of the ‘smart-way’. Indeed, what your competitors use in outsmarting your effort is their knowledge of ‘Google Ads’!

Social Media Marketing

Your social media marketing campaign need to be lots better than what is currently obtainable. Possibly this is why you decide to check on us! We do not exclusively define social media marketing as just Facebook and twitter but diversity in all medium of social function. Over time, the conventional system of business awareness has shown to place too much financial burden and lesser prospects compared to promotion by leveraging the online social media platforms.

Social Media Strategy

To us at Prime Marketing Exposition, we simply could define social media strategy as taking your business to you targets online-having understood the rudiments! Right now, there is a craze for socializing. The whole world seems to be heading to one social media platform or the other. Hence, the surest spot to find majority of you clients (both old and potential ones) these days is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. The consequence of this is that, marketing conduct has been impacted owing to this development.

After Support

We are always open. We will help even after out projects ended and there's new features within AdSense. We will help with any new deature after it launched without any fees.


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