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Google AdSense F.A.Qs

Is It Safe To Optimize AdSense?

Even Google AdSense have tab/menu about Optimization. For best revenue, its important and if done correctly, yes its safe.

Any Blackhat Method?

We don't use any Blackhat method. If we did, It's no longer Optimization instead it's tricks to increase revenue. We never tried any Blackhat method and never tried to learn too.

SEO or Traffic Source?

It's depend on you. We don't do SEO or Advertising. And getting traffic always your responsibility. If you don't have any traffic, we may ask to have traffic first and then we will do the AdSense Optimization.

Best Traffic Source?

When it's always the traffic from search engine are best, you can also try advertising. When you chooses advertising, please choose best platform. As like Google, Twitter, Facebook etc.

WordPress F.A.Qs

We Build Theme?

No. We mostly buy premium theme and then we build the website using the theme. As building website isn't our primary task so we don't do the development task.

Who Will Own The License Of The Theme?

It's You. As we will just suggest the theme, you have to  buy it. And that makes you the license owner. When if you unable to buy, we may get the license but our suggestion to buy the theme yourself.

Which Theme To Buy and Is It Important?

If you already have the website ready using your preferred theme, we can use it as it is. When if you want more improvement then we may suggest best option. It's your call to choose.

Why We Don't Develop The Theme?

We want to focus on the AdSense Optimization only. When we know sometimes to improve it better, we may need to improve the website too. So we do WordPress tweaks but if it's required.


Content Creation

It's your responsibility to create content. If you need, we may help by suggesting content type, content creator or others. When better if you do.

New Website From Scratch

If required, we can create website from scratch (using WordPress premium or free theme) and also may do related changes as required. That's may required when you need AdSense approval or AdSense related issue fixing.

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